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Mandolin Lessons for Children

The mandolin is a great instrument for kids! It had four pairs of strings, small frets, a little body, and is very light weight.

I start with the easiest chords and simple tunes. Sometimes I teach simple songs that they may have heard. I teach by ear, with music/mandolin tablature, and with charts and diagrams. I show your child how to hold the instrument and pick to get the best results. I set up a reasonable practice schedule for your child. I encourage your child to play with others and teach them the skills to do so by playing with me.


Photo by Robin Flower

I have taught mandolin to children for 20 years. I treat each child as an individual, paying close attention to who she/he is as a learning musician. I am gentle and goal-oriented.

Please contact me at flower2mcl@earthlink.net or call 510.482.9479.

-Contact me before August 29th or after September 12th-

child Mandolin Lesson

Photo by Robin Flower

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