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Guitar Lessons for Children and Teens

Kids love guitar! It is all around them. Often parents play and friends play. It is a strong part of our culture and many cultures around the world. It is fun, cool, and social.

Getting kids started at a time when they are capable, having enough eye/hand coordination and strength, mostly happens around 7 or 8 years old. I can teach your child how to hold the guitar, make simple chords, and learn simple tunes and songs. I can teach your child to read music or guitar tablature. I encourage kids to sing if they are inclined, and to learn how to do it while playing guitar. I can teach your child the skills that are needed to play in a band. And maybe someday they'll play with their own kids. I am happy to teach teenagers. As with younger kids, I am direct and goal-oriented, helping them to establish good practice habits . Most teens like popular music. I teach songs that they have on their IPods or they hear on the radio. They feel great learning these songs and want to learn more. This is a great way for them to stay interested and become good guitar players.

I have taught kids how to play guitar for 25 years. I teach Mondays- Thursdays, 10am til 9pm. Please contact me at flower2mcl@earthlink.net or telephone me at 510.482.9479.

child with guitar

Photo by Robin Flower

Robin Flower is on the Board of Directors of the Freight and Salvage


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