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Guitar Lessons with Robin Flower for Adults

From beginners to experienced players, I teach tunes and songs while I teach you how to play the the guitar - technique, chords, melodies, flatpicking, fingerpicking, soloing, theory, arranging, scales and patterns, music/tablature reading, and learning how to learn by ear. I play and teach a variety of styles-Celtic, Oldtime, Blues, Cajun, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Rock and Swing. I am happy to work on tunes/ songs that you like and want to play. I teach how to sing and play at the same time or accompany others.

robin with guitar

I have taught acoustic and electric guitar for 35 years to people of all abilities and and levels. I have taught at the California Coast Music Camp and Cazadero Family Performing Arts Camp.

Be sure to check out Robin Flower's SwingStringBand. Playing in this group is a terrific opportunity to use what you have been learning in lessons as well as to learn how to play or better play with people in a band situation.

Email me at flower2mcl@earthlink.net or by telephone at 510.482.9479.

-Contact me before August 29th or after September 12th-

robin with fiddle

For information on my recording and performing life, please go to flowerandmclaren.com

robin with electric guitar

Robin Flower is on the Board of the Freight and Salvage


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