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Fiddle Lessons for Adults

Do you have the passion to play exciting and beautiful dance tunes in the Celtic, oldtime, swing or Cajun traditions? I can teach you.

From beginners to experienced players, I teach tunes to teach you how to play fiddle or become a better fiddle player. I cover intonation, bowing and rhythm, melody, double stops, back-up, useful scales and patterns, and soloing. I teach by ear/with music and charts. I find theory really interesting and I teach it as well as how to use it.

Playing fiddle with other people is so much fun. I teach the skills you'll need to feel comfortable playing with other musicians and instruments.

I offer Robin Flower's SwingStringBand as a really fun and useful opportunity to play in a band situation with other instruments and singers. Please go to the menu and click on the SwingStringBand page for more info.

robin with fiddle

I have taught fiddle privately, in groups, and at music camps for 25 years.

Contact me at flower2mcl@earthlink.net or call me at 510.482.9479


For information on my recordings and performances with Libby McLaren, please go to flowerandmclaren.com

Robin Flower is on the Board of Directors for the Freight and Salvage.

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